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Social project and reptile park in the middle of the mangrove forest

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That's what uwemajo is all about

Uwemajo is a social project on Zanzibar to protect the Jozani mangrove forest.

Farming families on Zanzibar generally make a living from farming, raising livestock, hunting and piling coal.
However, this has devastating effects on the mangrove forest and thus also on Zanzibar.
The Uwemajo project is now creating alternative income so that the 118 farming families in the 56 square kilometer national park are not simply prohibited from doing their activities.
The NGO has been given an area of 4 hectares for the new basis of life.

A fish farm is now operated here, greenhouses are being built so that the monkeys cannot do any harm and a reptile park has been opened for tourist purposes.

All income generated is immediately divided among the 118 farming families. 
Since 2022 there has also been a sewing group of young women from the region who make souvenirs such as bags, bottle holders and key rings that are sold in the main building of the reptile park.

Our animal husbandry

Durch ständigen Austausch von Fachwissen weltweit wird die Haltung der Tiere kontinuierlich optimiert.
Es werden folgende Spezies gehalten:

Grüne Meeresschildkröte, Chelonia mydas
Aldabra Riesenschildkröte, Aldabrachelys gigantea gigantea
Gelenkschildkröte, Kinixys zombensis ssp.
Gelbbauch-Klappbrust-Pelomeduse, Pelusios castanoider
Pantherschildkröte, Stigmochelys pardalis
Strahlenschildkröte, Astrochelys radiata
Lappenchamäleon, Chamaeleo dilepis
Nördlicher Felsenpython, Python sebae
Nilwaran, Varanus niloticus


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Visit the reptile park

Experience turtles and other reptiles in their natural environment!

The reptile park is maintained and managed by the families living in the national park.
After a tour of the park with one of our tour guides, you can visit our cafe and then browse the souvenir shop! Here you will find, for example, handmade bags that will remind you of your visit to the Uwemjao Reptile Park for a long time.


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Here's how you can support

Even though you may not be in Zanzibar, you can support us

The Uwemajo project is an important step for the families in the national park. External help is needed to continue this project and make the park even more attractive to visitors.
It is also important to us to be able to keep the animals in a species-appropriate manner. Our next project is therefore the conversion of the wareane enclosure and an aviary for the chameleons to protect them from the snakes.
We are therefore happy about your donation!
Simply click on the PayPal-Button.

Contact person / Employee

Shauri Iddi Hassan

Contact person for park visits and questions on site







First Chair


Axel Meier

Ennepetal, Germany
Contact person for sponsoring and general information


Opening hours / Addresses

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opening hours

daily from 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m

Entrance fees
per person 20,000 Tanzanian shillings/10 euros
Children between 3 and 14 years: 10,000 Tanzanian shillings/5 euros


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